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Amit Kumar



I am a science graduate and presently pursuing LLB from the University of Delhi India. I am a resident of the new Delhi, India. I have an interest in teaching the Indian method of astrology.astrology is associated with me from childhood as my grandfather was also astrologer.so

I have learned some traditional methods and also done a certificate course later on. As my interest in teaching Indian astrology, I will start with the basic concept and with these we will find this subject is so much interesting. astrology acts as a guide in an individual’s life.it teaches us how can we keep one self-motivated and with the guidance of astrology, we improve ourself in day to day life. Astrology is as deep as the ocean as well as large too. It is interesting n learning based on the combination of planets or we can say its combination of maths and geography.my personal opinion say, it is for counseling and guidance…

I am 27years old learner, researcher, and teacher

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